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Thursday, June 29
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El Dorado

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Reduce Driving to Reduce Air Pollution
When you hear a Spare The Air alert this summer, reduce your driving and reduce pollution. Your efforts will help improve air quality for those most susceptible to the health effects of air pollution, including children and the elderly.

Would you care to Spare The Air?

Download the free Sacramento Region Air Quality app to get current conditions at air monitoring sites, the daily AQI forecast, Spare The Air alerts and wildfire smoke advisories. The app is available in iOS, Google Play and Windows app stores.

A Spare The Air alert in the Sacramento region will be issued when the AQI for ground-level ozone pollution is forecast to reach 126 or above.

Sacramento Region Ozone Air Quality Forecast updated by noon
Today (Thu, June 29)
100 AQI - Moderate
Tomorrow (Fri, June 30)
105 AQI - Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups

Yesterday's High Extended AQI Outlook
Wed, June 28
74 AQI - Moderate
Sat, July 1
Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
Sun, July 2
Mon, July 3

Air Quality Forecast and Weather Discussion
Wednesday and Thursday, warming temperatures will support ozone formation, and lighter winds will limit pollutant dispersion in the Sacramento region. However, pollutant carryover from day to day will be low. As a result, ozone levels will be Moderate on both days. Friday, an upper-level ridge of high pressure will move over northern California, reducing atmospheric mixing and generating sunny skies and hot temperatures. These conditions will enhance ozone formation. Therefore, despite light to moderate onshore winds in the afternoon aiding pollutant dispersion, ozone levels will be Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups.