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Thursday, October 19
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El Dorado

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Smoke from various fires burning in northern California is being transported into the Valley. If you see or smell smoke in your area you should stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities. Check the fire page to see the latest PM2.5 readings at monitoring sites in the region and to get local air district information.

Wildfire Smoke Lingers Around Sacramento Region
Smoke from wildfires continues to impact the region. Air quality can change quickly at different times during the day due to wind shifts. It's important to monitor conditions throughout the day for the next several days.

Smoke is unhealthy to breathe. If you see or smell smoke, we advise you to remove yourself from the area and minimize outdoor activities.

Children, the elderly and people with respiratory or heart conditions are the most at risk and should limit exposure.

Download the free Sacramento Region Air Quality app to see current conditions.

Sacramento Region PM2.5 Air Quality Forecast updated by noon
Today (Thu, Oct 19)
78 AQI - Moderate
Tomorrow (Fri, Oct 20)
55 AQI - Moderate

Yesterday's High Extended AQI Outlook
Wed, Oct 18
119 AQI - Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
Sat, Oct 21
Sun, Oct 22
Mon, Oct 23

Air Quality Forecast and Weather Discussion
Wednesday, calm winds through the morning hours will limit mixing and dispersion. Furthermore, light to moderate south-southwesterly winds will develop later in the day, bringing wildfire smoke from the North Bay into the Sacramento region. Therefore, ozone levels will be low-Moderate, and particle levels will be high-Moderate. Thursday, as a cold front approaches northern California, onshore winds will strengthen, aiding pollutant dispersion. In addition, cooler temperatures and increasing clouds will reduce ozone formation, leading to Good ozone levels. However, lingering smoke will lead to Moderate particle levels throughout the region. Friday, southwesterly winds will shift to northwesterly as a cold front departs the region, aiding pollutant dispersion. In addition, cool temperatures will continue to limit ozone production. Therefore, particle levels will be low-Moderate, and ozone levels will be Good.