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Things to do > Transportation Tips
Drive less

Cars are the major source of air pollution in the Sacramento region. Think about how you can run an errand without your car, especially on a Spare The Air day. By cutting back you'll reduce pollution.

Link your trips

Combine errands in a single trip to eliminate cold engine starts and stops - this will reduce pollution and save fuel. Plus, it'll save you time.

Call 511 or visit

Find out how local transit can get you where you need to go or get help finding a carpool partner.

Take public transit

Try public transit for one or more trips and let someone else deal with the traffic. Treat yourself to a stress-free commute or use transit to get to weekend activities.

Carpool or vanpool to work

Whether you're driving to work, the gym, a baseball game or the park, find a carpool partner and share the ride. Many employers and counties have Emergency Ride Home programs that make cars or taxi vouchers available to carpoolers and transit takers in case of an emergency.

Fill up your gas tank after sunset

Putting gas in your tank releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Throughout the day, these VOCs mix with oxides of nitrogen (NOx), "cook" in the sun, and form ground-level ozone pollution. Refueling after sunset decreases the formation of ozone. And remember to never top off your gas tank.

Start a parent carpool in your neighborhood

Find other parents and start a carpool to take the kids to and from school. This will decrease air pollution as well as traffic at the school site.

Purchase a low-emission vehicle

There are many to choose from so visit to see the latest options.